Friday, July 31, 2009

Abu Mörrum vs Shimano Conquest

The Abu Garcia Mörrum Ultra Mag S2 SX1601C
Shimano Conquest 101DC

Drag: Both reels deliver smooth, drag performance with up to four to four and a half pounds of maximum drag pressure as tested in our lab. Both reels also sport micro-click adjustable drag stars. The Abu, in particular, emits a very unique clicking sound that enhances the experience. Initial pulls on everything from largemouth bass to feisty spots to even hard pulling carp revealed flawless performance. Between the two, Shimano edges out Abu in silkiness as Shimano's proven componentry is just too much to overcome.
Winner: Conquest

Detailing on the Ultra Mag is modest at best but the ZPI spool
upgrade gives this reel a little extra flare

Ergonomics: This is where the two reels begin to separate more clearly. The Abu Garcia gains points for it's more than one ounce weight savings over the Shimano but then loses those points almost immediately with the almost awkward way the reel fits in one's palm. In addition, the plastic thumbar on the Abu is just a tad off when clicking the reel over to make a cast. We've read this reel is designed primarily for pitching presentations, and while the thumbar is placed well for this type of grip, we found it was too high and often in the way when shifting our hand slighty to make an overhead or sidearm cast with the reel.

Detaling on the Conquest 101 DC is exquisite

Conversely, the Conquest 101DC, with its recessed reel seat and padded, metal thumbar is about as comfortable as a 100 sized round baitcaster can be. Its palming profile is very comfortable and its rounded edges comfort your palm rather than dig into it after a full day of use. The stock handle is a bit short, but we replaced he handles in both these reels so this factor was neutralized in this comparison.Winner: Conquest

The Conquest sits slightly lower in the reel seat than does the
Abu Ultra Mag and is the more comfortable of the two to palm

Design: With the added accents of the ZPI upgrades, our Ultra Mag S2 is almost exciting. However, there is simply no getting over the very plain and industrial detailing of this reel. The Conquest 101 DC, on the other hand, is exquisite. I'm not normally a fan of combining silver and gold detailing, but what Shimano has done with their DC reels is truly exceptional. While the stock handle of the Conquest 101DC is nothing to scoff at aesthetically, the ZPI Carbon enhancement, with its added length, compliments this reel to no end. Winner: Conquest

Not without its own distinctiveness yet still on the conservative side, we welcomed the introduction of the ZPI spool upgrade on this reel for added pizzaz

The Shimano Conquest 101DC's exquisite detailing

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Din Waras Tranformasi

This page special for Din Waras "tranformasi"...

First...Megatron @ TwinPower SW4000PG

Second...Optimus Prime @ Stella C3000

Third...SkyFire @ Calcutta101 SW

Transformasi tripple trouble became "Autobots"

Additional Bumblebee @ Inshore...tranformasi became
the "Decepticons"...kemusnahan tahap 3 hehehe...
Amanat utk Din Giler...tranformasi ko masih tahap 1,
maka dengan ini sila2 lah pergi ke kedai pancing dan
transform ke tahap "Autobots atau Decepticons"...hehehe

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Operasi Santai at Kelong Mokhtar

This "operasi santai" di percayai di lakukan oleh komplot Sat n Sandera
diam2 tanpa meroger TAF members yg lain..."i still remember"...hehehe

Nampak kepala ajer...di percayai Sandera si Joker...

Kompom Sandera dengan gaya menahan nak "berak" agak2 nyer la tu...

Dah ok la tu...pinjam topi apek kolam angsa...

Destinasi yang di tuju...Kelong Mokhtar agak nyer la...

Bersiap-siap...mana plak si Sat, mungkin tengah kompius
atau tengah membuat pelaburan hehehe

Penyabar dan tekun si pemancing tegar ni...

Hasil yang di percayai cukup utk 2 minggu hehehe

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ruangan Pameran Dan Jualan

This post only for geli2 and racun-meracun...ader berani ka hehehe...
Shimano Antares DC 7Baitcasting Reel (LEFT HAND)
(Master Dee will be transform to Antares V2...coming soon)

Shimano high-end bait caster, Antares combined with the DC digital control brake system make it the very best. The DC brake system has been proven to offer the longest casting distance, since the release of Conquest DC in 2003. The smooth gears moving are fantastic with no vibration or even friction feel.
The Antares DC has the improved 4x8 DC system to have 4 casting modes (L, M, A and W) and 8 strength of fine adjusting, which is adjustable by dial without opening the reel. That's Marvelous!
The 4 modes set the brake to appropriate for various casting situations. Long casting (L);Multi (versatile) casting (M);Accuracy casting (A);Windy casting (W);

Shimano Calcutta TE 101 GT

(The Follower Shah also transform to Calcutta SW...)

The Calcutta TE series of reels is, simply put, one of the finest examples of design and construction you will ever hold in your hand. Crafted with a machined aluminum frame, and featuring Shimano's best technological advances, the Calcutta TE exudes quality. Tolerances and play are minimized to the point where you won't notice them now or years from now. This is more than an excellent fishing reel, it's an heirloom.

Kalau x mampu...pakai ajer barang chop ayam cam kat bawah ni hehehe...

Untuk di lelong...basic fishing equipments


Bassterra EV


Bassterra XT


StCroix 4 pieces

Ikan Bilis Rapala,Storm,Abu Garcia,Cultiva,Altima dll
Next will come later time hehehe

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Misi WonderMan at PJN9

18 July 09 ....cause P9 trip had been cancelled due boat had breakdown
if true la if not "Tipah Tertipu" TAF members make backup
plan...TAF Komplot 1 go to StarCruise (Master Dee & Joker Bross),
TAF Komplot 2 go to Jugra (Din Giler & Din Waras),
TAF Komplot 3 go to PJN9 island (Joker Sandera, Google Sat & U go I go Shah),
their mission to find GEROPOH (GT) we called this trip
"Mission of WonderMan at PJN9"...kami x besar,kami x kuat, yang penting
kiter berkerjasama...semua menjadi mudah...hehehe

WonderMan Sandera...merenung masa depan
"no fish here hehehe"

WonderMan Sat...carik ilham "tido la tu"...


Sandera n Sat...action

WonderMan Shah n Sandera... aksi mendongak ke langit hehehe

WonderMan Sat n Sandera...gaya budak "JAKUN" hehehe

Make 1st preparation before naik boat...

Calcutta n FireBlood...sedia membuat perhitungan dan pembalasan si P9

Start to naik boat la...

Sandera get ready to protect from penyakit ganjil lagi aneh...
"kejap putih kejap hitam" alasan kukuh utk MC hehehe

Shah dengan gaya "macho" ptui..ptui..ptui

Sat dengan gaya "gigi terkeluar" hehehe

Sandera dengan gaya geram sebab x dapat gi P9...

Macam make story....

Tekong Hamzah...supersub sebab kawan Sat kaki patah...


Photo x menjadi saksi...hehehe

PJN9 hampir di jejaki...

Semakin hampir...tangan menggigil-gigil...

Tiba juga akhirnya...

Tanpa membuang masa...WonderMan Shah mengeluarkan
senjata killer P9 dan terus mengkasting segenap ceruk pulau
untuk menjejak si GEROPOH...tapi malang nyer ia terkorban.
Terkubur lah si killer P9 di PJN9...

WonderMan Sandera...terus berusaha membottom diri
dengan umpan udang hidup dan pumpun...
bukan pumpun kak ati tau... ini pumpun made in portklang

WonderMan Shah berjaya mengdouble strikekan diri nya
"anak kerapu tikus agaknyer la + gerut2"

FireBlood jarang menghampakan...hehehe


Sandera terus berusaha...dan tiba2...sila tengok video la hehehe


Laporan berita ini di ulas oleh WonderMan Shah
dengan gaya seorang pak lawak...hehehe

Sandera dgn pari bunga nyer atau
pari bintik...aghhhh janji pari hehehe

WonderMan Sat menumpang gembira...

Sandera dgn pari 2kelo++...lumayan,lumayan,lumayan...hehehe

Penat...berehat makan tengah hari..."mee maggi"

Nasi lemak berkuahkan mee maggi...

Koboi giler mana pulak pancing dalam air tu...

Kikiki...sandera n sat...mengkasting dalam air...
x tahan tengok boiling"siakap,geropoh dll" membuat
lompatan summersoft di depan mata...

Shah steady...mengeluarkan "popper" dengan harapan
ikan2 gred A datang menjamah gewangnyer...hehehe

Non stop hampir 2 jam...

Akhirnyer kecundang...5.30pm berkemas utk pulang
kepangkuan hehehe....

Pulang dengan janji dan harapan utk repeat lagi...

WonderMan Shah dengan gaya otomen...memfire
kalu ader sape2 menggoreng dan mengauta Din Waras hehehe

Sandera dengan gaya menggunting...apa yg nak
di gunting x tahu lah..dia saje yg tahu...hehehe

Maka pulanglah 3 WonderMan...driver cam biasa "Sandera"...

Co-pilot...WonderMan Satria...

Big Boss...WonderMan Shah...kepenatan + muka dah terbakar

Alamak lupa plak....nak tunjuk hasil PJN9
Sandera dengan "Barakuda"....

Ikan2 kecil...satu dah terkorban hehehe...

Hasil x seberapa... xpi bersyukur

dan lagi....

Penat memancing...sempat juga membuka gerai jualan...
FireBlood 1.0k...Calcutta 0.45k...Nasci 0.25k
berminat sila call 0193283010 hehehe

Membuat perhitungan dan pendakwaan...di mana karapu
yang besar dan lagi menggigilkan...

Pendakwaan telah diputus...bedah siasat dijalankan..


Akhirnya....corelle goreng sayur tempura, arcopal goreng kerapu
dan corelle masak kerapu stim hehehe...